Mother Mala

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These exclusive Mother Malas are handmade by a beautiful, resilient mother named Nicole Jackson. To learn more about her and her life, feel free to read the section titled "Nicole's story."

Each necklace was purposely made with 216 beads to embody the numerology behind each number. Read more in the section titled "Numerology."

  • 19 inches including tassel
  • Wooden beads

Nicole's story:
Nicole is a kind gentle, optimistic, musician, songwriter, dancer and a thoughtful soul but she is also homeless and struggles with drug- addiction and Schizophrenic. As her daughter perfectly said "If only one mother walks this earth with her head bowed in shame we are all defeated.  Remember that we are not separate but that we are all a unit. Let’s bring back authentic communities that don't just watch others as they fall but demand individualized mental health programming and consistency for all." With immense love in my heart, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a humble person. Your contribution has gone to reminding Nicole that she is worthy of love and creativity regardless of all things that has happened in her life.

The number 2 represents partnerships, balance and harmony, and to trust your divine life purpose and soul's mission. The number 1 represents self leadership, instinct, new beginnings and motivation. The number 6 solution-finding and problem-solving.