Ethical and low-impact:

All of Rose & Thorn's products are handmade and fair trade. This means the we  prioritize the fair and ethical treatment of every human being involved with the our high quality finished products. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, all products are placed in a 100% organic cotton reusable pouch and shipped in packaging that is made up of post-consumer products and is recyclable and compostable. Throughout the process of designing and making the pieces, we are also as low waste as possible. 

Jewelry with meaning:

We care about the energy that we put out into the universe, so we want to make sure it is as positive and loving as possible. All jewelry pieces are named to remind the wearer of the meaning throughout the day. Whether it is to focus on  your inner glow or your intention for the day, we support you!

Behind the name:

The name "Rose and Thorn" represents the blessings and turmoils in our lives. Every day we are blessed with more gifts than many of us can even hold. Those gifts are balanced by the thoughts, feelings, and influence of the difficulties in our lives. We have found that in order to live a happy life, we must find balance in between our roses and our thorns. We must focus on the gifts in our lives while being real about the things that trouble us to find peace within ourselves.